Saturday, July 4, 2015

A glimpse into Syriza

Paris Bourlakis has studied in Paris and Germany. He holds a PhD in Philosophy and laughed during taking portraits of him: "Sorry, I am not a model, I am a philosopher."

"The mess on the wall comes from our anarchists here."

Athina Fiotak is a 65 years old economist. "In the days of depression and austerity the referendum is very important. Fighting for oxi brings us together and gives us hope."

Vidalis Haris has studied Mathematics in Vienna and fluently speaks German. He is a supporter, but not member of Syriza.

Rica Dimisianos has been two years in prison during the Greek military junta. "These days we are enthusiastic that something will change. Most of all I regret that some my fellow friends from the past cannot witness a left government in Greece." 

Visiting Syriza in their room in Exarchia, Athens.